Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Pastor Acting Like Jesus? What?

Apparently in Chichester NH there is a pastor of an Acts 29 church who is letting a convicted child murderer live with his family. David Pinckney decided that when Raymond Guay was told he would serve three years of parole in NH that he would invite him to stay with him. However, I don't need to say much more for you to realize this has caused some serious uproar in a little town where not much happens on a daily basis.

I feel like pastors can never get a break. Either people are calling them hypocrites (which is deserved at times) or they are getting mad at them for actually acting like Jesus. This man has taken a sinner into his house and people are flipping out. So... should Christians really act like Christ? or just say they do?

Read the article about this situation here. Then come back and lets discuss the role of acting like Jesus in our daily lives.


Anonymous said...

I have a pastor friend in South Africa who has one paroled murderer living with him as well as a bank embezzler. Both men have had their lives completely turned around by Jesus. This is exactly what we are supposed to be doing. Thanks for posting this.

Bobby said...

Wow... that is amazing! I feel like a lot of Christians give lip service to acting like Christ and yet they never put their words into action. We are to reach out to the sinners... the ones who need the transforming love of Christ. Jesus can change anyone's life... especially those who have committed such heinous crimes in times of utter depravity. I just pray that if I ever have to opportunity to love a man who society has turned its back on ... I will take it... resisting the temptation to care about what "upright" citizens think. Thanks for sharing that with me... it sounds like a story that should be shared with many many more. Hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

That really is a tough decision to make for that pastor, considering that he has 5 kids... I can't even begin to understand how he would feel if something happened to his kids because of his decision to accept that man. But at the same time, I think it is a perfect example of Christ's love. As you said, that is exactly what Christ would do and I feel like that he is showing the love of Christ to his community and family.