Thursday, January 8, 2009

Youtube Debut

I am almost done with the first week of this intercession course. It is going well, however, the work load is extremely overwhelming. Therefore, I am going to again take this opportunity to post a little something that won't take much time.

In my Biblical Interpretation class we had to take a Biblical passage and creatively present it ... while not sacrificing the actual meaning and context. So my group (Evan and Lauren Perkins) decided that although it was tempting for us to do something serious... we wanted to incorporate Jerry Springer somehow (such a Biblical show). Therefore, we thought it would be funny to take 2 Samuel 12:1-14 and reenact it on the Jerry Springer show. This passage is where David is confronted by Nathan (Prophet) for committing adultery and having a man killed. What better place to have a confrontation than the Jerry Springer show... however, since we needed two guys for David and Nathan we decided that Lauren would play Sherry Springer ... Jerry's cousin that is filling in for him.

It is kind of hard to hear some of the lines... so turn it up and listen carefully. Hope you enjoy...

I know... this was actually a Seminary class... haha.

Thanks to Drew Hill for video taping this little skit!

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