Saturday, January 24, 2009

World Views?

Gerry Breshears is a professor of Theology @ Western Seminary. He offers what I believe is a helpful outline for what entails a world view. When discussing Christian apologetics it is elemental to understand what makes up and constitutes a world view. The following should be read and understood if one wants to engage others with the truth, rationality, and pertinence of Christianity.

What's a World View?

Basic assumptions, values, allegiances by which we interpret the world around us.

Assumptions: Things presumed true where no proof is necessary or possible. They cannot be disproved except in deep personal crisis or the persistent power of the Spirit.

Values: Qualities or traits we cherish or esteem by we assess the worth, goodness, or importance of things and persons.

Allegiances: Loyalty or faithfulness to an individual, group or cause which brings us to choose what will enhance that relationship.

Where's this in the Bible? Rom.12:1-2; Eph. 4:17-24; Mark 7:6,7, 21; Matt. 22:36-40; Deut. 6:4-6

What are the basic world views? What religions come from them?

Naturalism: Atheism; Deism; Scientism
Organic: Polytheism; Animism; New Age; Paganism
Theism: Judaism; Islam; Touched by an Angel; Christianity

What is ultimately real?

Naturalism: Space-Time, Mass-energy; Natural law; The cosmos is all there is or ever will be.
Organic: Living energies
Christianity: YHWH, the triune God of the Bible

What's the nature of the universe?

Naturalism: Evolved from eternal mass energy; Random application of presently operating natural law
Organic: Eternal network of energies
Christianity: Created physical spiritual reality

What's the nature of human?

Naturalism: Evolved animal, no more, no less; Complex electro-chemical machine
Organic: Temporary energy convergence
Christianity: Created physical spiritual reality; Image of YHWH, the triune God

What's the human predicament?

Naturalism: Economic, educational, environmental
Organic: Out of touch with the higher level energies
Christianity: Trying to be like God on our terms; Broken relation with God

What's the solution?

Naturalism: Humans must provide the solution; Economy, education, environment; Human government
Organic: Humans must provide the solution; Shamans, magic
Shaman: A spiritually adept person who can see into the spirit worlds to gain knowledge which enables us to achieve harmony with the cosmos. Shamanic activities include divination, control over the elements, and escorting the souls of the recently deceased to their place in the next world.
Magic: Manipulation of substances, energies, and minds including humans and spirits by word (rituals, incantations, chants, curses, spells) and objects (charms, amulets, crystals, herbs, potions, wands, candles).
Christianity: God provides the solution; Atonement of Christ; Salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone; Spirit enabled heart initiated obedience.

What's the goal of my life?

Naturalism: Eat, drink & be merry; Grab the gusto! Life is its own meaning. Advance the human race.
Organic: Become one with the cosmos; Save the salmon. They are one with us.
Christianity: Glorify God and enjoy Him forever; Spread life and grace.

What happens when I die?

Naturalism: You atoms rejoins the universe; Life happens and then you die.
Organic: Your energy rejoins the universe; Reincarnation to achieve higher spiritual levels.
Christianity: See God; Resurrection of the body; Eternal personal existence with or away from God

How can I decide right and wrong?

Naturalism: If it feels good, do it; Indulge yourself; Do what gets accepted
Organic: Maximize harmony with cosmic energies. Be true to your spiritual self; Follow the guidance of the higher energies.
Christianity: Live like Jesus; Obey God from the heart; Love God, love neighbor.

What difference does it make?

1. Religion is the backbone of culture, providing moral and spiritual insight for life.

Religion is repressive. For the good of civilization, get it out of public life.

Christianity is a primitive religion. Jesus is just a man with some helpful insights.

2. Human life from conception to natural death is sacred and worthy of protection.

Human life is good while it is fulfilling and making a contribution. Death is a good option when that is no longer true.

3. Marriage is the God-ordained life long covenant bond between a man and a woman.

Marriage is a human contract between any two people contingent on mutual satisfaction.

4. Humans have both dignity and depravity. Encourage children to express desires which are Christ like but restrain others.

Humans are good by nature but corrupted by society and religion. Encourage children to express themselves authentically.

5. Life is a sacred stewardship from God in a broken world. It=s fulfillment comes in eternity.

Life is existence in an improving world lived for present happiness and fulfillment.

6. God has defined the best human life. We will be most fulfilled as we follow His leading.

Life is full of good moral options. Non-judgmental tolerance is the highest virtue.

What will you do?

Romans 12:1-2


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