Monday, August 3, 2009

25 Evangelical Myths

I came across this list on a blog I was reading this morning. I thought it was very interesting. Apparently, these 25 myths come from the #evangelicalmyths trend on Twitter yesterday. Some of these are worth discussing. Add more in the comment section if you think of them...

1. The "victorious Christian life"

2. Biblical principles make things work better

3. Non-Christians are bad

4. Jesus is all about church growth

5. Well known pastors and preachers are telling the truth

6. The Bible exists to help you be successful and happy

7. God will bless America (again) if we'll only get a godly president, put prayer back in schools, repent of homosexuality/abortion, etc.

8. Worship = music

9. We have lots of people, so God must be blessing what we're doing

10. The reason we don't have what we want is because we're not praying hard enough

11. Making "Christian" versions of popular music, games, movies, clothes, etc. is an effective evangelism tool

12. Jesus taught in parables so that everyone would understand what he was saying

13. If you aren't happy, you aren't a good Christian

14. Lost people sense a void in their life

15. Teenagers think youth ministers are cool :-)

16. We will help the poor in our community by spending $25 million on a new building

17. Jesus would vote Republican/Democrat

18. I can't worship if there isn't a rockin' band

19. Asking Jesus into your heart after walking an aisle gets you the insurance so you can go on living any way you please

20. Hurting someone's feelings is a sin

21. Ten alliterative points in a fill-in-the-blank outline is effective for sermon retention

22. Abstinence pledges are an effective means of preventing premarital sex

23. We don't need to pay attention to anything that happened in Christian history before the 19th century. Everything before that was Catholic or something

24. If you make a decision that blows up in your face, you stepped out of God's will for your life

25. Type-A leaders with dynamic speaking abilities make the best pastors

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Anonymous said...

So much "un" truth here! Great to be reminded that these are MYTHS. However, it's also frightening how easy it is to get taken in by them.
One of my biggest pet peeves is #23 - drives me crazy how much we, as evangelicals, don't know and even more crazy how much we don't even want to know. Of course, helping the poor by building a $25m. building is right up there too. ;-)
- Dianne Richardson

Tom/Jonny said...

I have one that is kind of the opposite to #3-- Christians are good/better than non-christians

VeronicA said...

How about being an individual...or having the freedom to be yourself